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Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 01:41 AM
aged care management training Brisbane, Gold Coast, Queensland


New Government funded training now available

Certificate 3 Guarantee Program*

Certificate III in Aged Care
Certificate III in Home & Community Care

(*Funded via Investing in Skills - Certificate 3 Guarantee, a Queensland Government Initiative)

--> For dates and locations of our next Certificate 3 Guarantee funded courses, click here.

NEW PROGRAM - Book now

  • new subsidised funding available for Queensland residents
  • 9 week training program that includes work experience
  • work experience placement is organised by the College
  • locations: Brisbane North, Brisbane South, and Gold Coast
  • gain two qualifications from one training course
  • face to face training

To book into an Information Session: Call (07) 3257-7799

Job Services Australia Providers please see below.

How to Apply
To be considered for a place on one our courses, you must attend an information session where we will provide further details of the program to help you make an informed decision about enrolment. To book a place at an information session, please email us or call us on (07) 3257-7799.

Q.  What industry has lots of JOBS?
A.  The Aged Care Industry
With an aging population, training more carers (Assistants in Nursing and Personal Care Workers) is a key priority of the Australian government. UnderCertificate 3 Guarantee - Certificate III Program funding, this course is designed to address the current skills shortage in the aged care industry, and most importantly, to help jobseekers into ongoing employment in this growing, recession-proof industry.

Are you Interested in Aged Care?
Aged care is one of the fastest growing industries with no shortage of employment.

If you want to gain the necessary skills to care for the elderly and frail in our communities, and to gain ongoing employment, then this funded training program may be just the start you need!

Are you eligible?
To be eligible for this program you must meet a set of entry requirements. If you can tick all of the following statements you may benefit from this funded training program.Certificate III Aged Care training

  • I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen
  • I am 15 years of age or older
  • I am no longer at school
  • I do not already hold a post-school Certificate III or higher qualification
  • I am not currently enrolled in a post-school Certificate III or higher qualification  

(Note: Certificate III qualifications competed at secondary school are not counted)

If you are not eligible and need that qualification to get you started, contact us to discover other training options available to you.

What is Funded?
From 1 July 2013, the Government has introduced a training entitlement which provides subsidies to assist Queenslanders to obtain their first certificate level III qualification. The amount of subsidy provided will depend on the demand for skilled workers in the area of study. Students can only access the Certificate 3 Guarantee through approved training providers (Pre-qualified Suppliers).

For more information, see the Queensland Government Certificate 3 Guarantee student factsheet, or go to

Under this program, participants are required to make a financial contribution towards the costs of the course. The mandatory student contribution fee is $300. The student contribution fee can be paid by a Job Services Australia provider on behalf of a client, but otherwise must be paid by the participant themselves. Payment plans are available.

A concessional student contribution fee of $50 is applicable for the following participants if they are responsible for paying their own fees:

  • Health Care concession card holders (and their partner or dependents)
  • Pensioner concession card holders (and their partner or dependents)
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons

It is important for potential participants to understand that subsidised funding is being provided for one qualification only. Participants are advised to investigate the College and course particulars to make an informed choice about using the subsidised funding for the course we are offering. Interested participants must attend a scheduled information session for this purpose.

Looking for training opportunities that lead to employment outcomes?
We have a proven track record and the employer relationships to help you start a new career.
Over 220 graduates from our past job seeker programs found employment as a Personal Care Worker.

What employment outcomes can I expect?
Our first 4 programs under Certificate 3 Guarantee funding were completed by December 2013. Over 94% of participants graduated from those programs. Our results from graduates from these initial programs show that over 70% had jobs by March 2014. Many more have gained jobs since. Also, more programs finished end March and early April 2014 - we will update you about job outcomes as their results come in. Note - we don't guarantee you will get a job, but our courses are designed to give you the best opportunity to do so.

Does our program work? Have a look at the comments of our graduates.

Tell me about your Cert III in Aged Care program
It's all about outcomes...

Our Certificate III in Aged Care program* is a 9 week course that combines knowledge based training and on the job work experience. Participants will gain two qualifications on completion, enabling employment opportunities in both residential aged care, as well as out in the community.

Work experience is key program element that prepares students for the workforce. It is designed to help students better understand what they have learned by putting it into practice in the workplace.

Our point of difference lies in the work we do to prepare our students for the workplace. Royal College of Healthcare has years of experience training jobseekers to become work ready, competent and confident carers.
* funded via Investing in Skills - Certificate 3 Guarantee

Aged care training

As part of our mission Royal College of Healthcare embraces the principles of access and equity in training to ensure that jobseekers, despite differing needs and abilities, all have the same opportunities to successfully gain skills, knowledge and experience through education and training. Royal College of Healthcare identifies and addresses the training needs of each individual.

We are outcomes focused with a proven track record of great results. To date, three out of every four jobseekers enrolled with Royal College of Healthcare have completed their Certificate III in Aged Care. Of those that completed, 80% have achieved employment outcomes.

If these outcomes are what you are looking for, please contact us! 

For Job Services Australia Providers

Royal College of Healthcare is a Queensland RTO that specialises in aged care, training people to become professional carers with the necessary qualifications to gain employment. If you have jobseekers you wish to nominate for attendance at an Information Session, please complete the appropriate Referral form and return to us.

DETE Job Seeker Referral Form - click here

Click here for brochures about Who to refer and why, and Our track record.



Traineeships are great way to get a head start in aged care or to retrain for the career you have always wanted. Traineeships combine time at work with training and can be full-time, part-time or school based. They combine practical work with structured training so that you graduate with a nationally recognised qualification and the experience you need to progress your career in aged care. You must be employed in the aged care industry to be eligible for a traineeship.

For more information about traineeships, click here



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